Oval Dining Table x Ibiza White Marble

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• oval shaped dining table

• 2cm white Ibiza marble top

• dimensions: 160 x 100 Height 75cm

• Black Velvet thermo-lacquered leg

• marble glued and screwed on site upon delivery

• foot in one piece (check your passages & access)

• refined and elegant shape, the oval shape is the most high-end of our collection because it requires a lot of work both for the marble and for the shape of the foot. Our ironworkers spent several days making this base.

The marble top required the "scarification" of a good part of a slice of marble and caused a lot of scraps, it is machine polished and water-repellent (you can clean your table with clean water at the soft cloth).

We have also undergone a treatment for grease stains to be renewed each year BUT we advise you to avoid placing your glasses, acidic or fatty food products directly on them. Better to invest in an electrostatic transparent tablecloth to avoid a disaster.

Each foot once made is put in the oven for a powder coated paint which consists of sandblasting & painting ferrous materials in an ecological way. This top-of-the-range painting process will allow your table to survive the years without aging such as peeling paint.

All our products are of course made in France in our workshops in Provence. We spend a considerable amount of time preparing your items, everything is handmade so don't expect a sanitized product. Indeed the marble will feel to the touch, you can have small irregularities, veins which feel more than others because it is stone and we do not put resin or varnish on it.

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