1. Where do your products come from?

Our products are made in France , in the PACA region. Our marbles are imported from several countries in order to be able to offer you a varied choice of colors.

We work our marbles on site in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez & our frames are manufactured in several ironwork workshops in the PACA region.

2. What is your delivery area?

We deliver throughout France including Corsica (59€), Luxembourg (85€), Switzerland (Geneva) & Belgium (115€)

3. What are the delivery times?

We indicate delivery times in several places on the website . At the top of the eshop as well as in 2 pop up windows . The dates are the departure dates from the south of France.

Count maximum 5 weeks to be delivered depending on your region.

4. How is the delivery?

Once your furniture is taken care of, the deliverers will contact you within 7 days on weekdays (excluding weekends) to agree on the delivery day with you.

5. Can I return my order?

This is possible within 14 days like any purchase made on the internet. On the other hand, marble being a very fragile material in order to avoid any return we send you a photo of your trays before delivery and we insist on the fact that you are certain of your purchase.

Returns are not supported on pre-orders since the item is specially made for you (see CGV)

6. Do you do tailor-made?

Yes, we do tailor-made but the price is 30% to 50% higher.

7. Are the marbles treated?

The marbles are simply water- repellent , that is to say that you can clean them with clear water using a micro fiber. Any acidic or greasy stains soak into its pores, so be careful. Marble is fragile and porous, it is recommended for careful people. If you receive, or during your aperitifs and meals, it is wise to put a transparent electrostatic tablecloth in order to protect it.

8. How to contact you?

By email: contact@gipsyhome.fr

9. Do you restock?

Yes, all sold out products are systematically back in stock. We invite you to subscribe to our instagram page where we put in story each restocking according to our marble arrivals.

Instagram: gipsy.home

10. The T&Cs

Our T&Cs are available when you place an order during checkout.

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