PRE ORDER Nesting x 100% Pink Roman Travertine

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pre order - production finished at the end of November - maximum delivery mid December 🤍

⚠️ pre orders are not cancellable

Features :

• Round pull-out coffee table in pink Roman travertine with a shiny polished finish

• 200mm marble top

• colors: pink travertine.

Travertine is a very irregular material which has the particularity of having holes. We have opted for a shiny polished finish which erases this type of defect.

More resistant than marble, it is less fragile on a daily basis, despite the treatment it will still be necessary to remain vigilant and take care of it 💛

Single model Gipsy Home


• Diameter 70cm H40 & 50cm H35cm & D30 H30

Usage tips :
• Wipe up any spilled liquid immediately with a microfiber cloth.
• Avoid placing hot objects on the surface, the surface of a table must be protected with coasters and dish rests.

• For the maintenance of travertine, never use acid and aggressive products. Simply use a micro fiber cloth with special marble products.

Each table is unique and has been the subject of several days of work in our workshops 💛

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