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• Our raw travertine vases made & assembled by hand 🤍 Aesthetic and the height of chic they will add a luxurious touch to your interiors 🤍

• Each vase is unique, please note that the veins may differ from one tray to another.

• Colours: raw unpolished Roman travertine

• Dimensions: Diameter 14cm H25cm and 9cm to put your dried flowers. Weight about 5kg.

• hollow to the level of the ball.

• Our travertine vases are ideal for placing your dried or synthetic flowers only

• Delivery by parcel

• Travertine is naturally porous.

Each tray is unique and has been the subject of several days of work, our products are artisanal and from the hand of man there may be some slight irregularities due to the charm of craftsmanship.

Usage tips :
• Wipe up any spilled liquid immediately with a microfiber cloth.
• Avoid placing hot objects on the surface, the surface of a table must be protected with coasters and dish rests.

• To maintain marble, never use acidic and aggressive products. Simply use a micro fiber cloth with water since your items are treated to be wet cleaned

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Vous avez commandé un mobilier artisanal et unique, nous sommes une petite structure à taille humaine 🤍 Merci de votre patience 🙂

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